Government Policy

The effect of increasing unemployment within the country is the increasing attraction towards foreign employment. The trend in the last decade has been the outflow of Nepalese workers towards Middle East, Malaysia, South Korea and other East Asian countries. This trend is rapidly increasing. But the situation is severely exploited by both registered and non registered so-called foreign employment agencies and a few individuals. Some of Nepalese workers, who are deployed through these cocalled agencies, are facing so many untold miseries and extreme difficulties. So, the Govt. policy is
to regulate and control the agencies to eliminate such unexpected problem for Nepalese workers in abroad. The Nepal Government has made some strict mandatory. The agency must obtain Demand Letter and Power of Attorney etc. attested from Nepal Embassy or Chamber Of Commerce in respective country to get permission for the recruitment.

Salaries and Wages:
Nepal has an easily trainable and keen work force. Unskilled labour is cheap and abundant.Semi skilled and skilled labours are available in sufficient numbers. The minimum wage rates are comparatively lower than the going wage rates for workers in SAARC and other countries of the region. However it is advisable, ‘Equal wage for equal jobs’ and it has to be associated with efforts to increase productivity and efficiency of the workers. So, the Nepal Government has set minimum salary range for various categories to avoid any more discrimination with other competitor of the region.