Marketing Director

United Manpower Agency Pvt. Ltd. Lt is one of the prominent and pioneering human resources supplier agency in Nepal.It’s main objective is to deliver high quality, efficient manpower to our valued clients and mobilize Nepalese job seekers to the world. On the one hand, resolving the unemployment crisis in the country, we like to ensure sound and healthy economy by earning foreign currencies from abroad to Nepal. On the other hand, it also supports our valued clients identifying relevant applicants, and coordinating all related activities like trade test, training, per-interview and interview as well and does any other assistance as required by the client so that it is needless to say that we undertake the responsibility to provide the right man for the right job.

Lastly, I look forward to maintaining our warm relationship with present clients and working with clients in the future.


Name: Palten Syangtan
Address: Lisbon, Portugal
Phone Number: +351920382971